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Put a Frame On It- Working on Paper

Normally I paint on canvas for several reasons-

1. The paintings are ready to go. The edges are painted, the painting is wired... it can go directly on the wall.

2. No need to put the painting behind glass. You can enjoy as is and see all the texture on the canvas without anything in your way.

3. I just really love the way a big canvas looks on a wall!


I was getting really tight and wasn't happy with my work. I wanted to experiment, but I didn't want to mess up a canvas (which is really silly because all my paintings are experiments and I can always paint over something but I had a mental block). So I decided to take a bunch of scrap paper and play.

I was so happy with the results and now, well, I have a bunch of paintings I love on paper. That means they have to be framed, but sometimes frames are good too! If you are interested in purchasing, send me an e-mail at They range in price from $75 for an 14x22 to $60 for an 11x14. That is some bang for your buck!

So here are my new much loved experiments. More on canvas (and paper) to come. I will also have these available at Kentuck Art Festival in Northport, Alabama October 15-16 and Handmade Art Festival October 16th in Homewood. Yes, I will be in two places at once so we will see how that goes! I think I have a show the next weekend as well at Sweetpeas in Homewood, Alabama. More on that to come.

14x22 Available

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