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The Khronicals of Katherine Anne

My friend Katie Burks Calhan is starting a lifestyle blog, "The Khronicals of Katherine Anne." I met Katie last year at a Bridal show when I was just starting out my wedding invitation buisness. At the time, she was working at Engaged, a bridal library. She encouraged me to bring a book of samples to them and I'm so thankfull that I did!

She recently moved away with her two young boys, husband and sweet pup, Riggy, and then (a nice surprise) ended up moving back to Birmingham. When she told me the concept for her blog, Katie in the Kitchen, Katie and Kids, Katie's Kloset, etc., I knew she was on to something. I created illustrations for her blog, and here they are. With a growing number of folowers (including me), and a flair for life, I know this is not just another life style blog... this is the Khronicals of Katherine Anne.

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